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  • 31 May 2016

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Welcome to the Mobile Ready Group Blog.

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We’re a team of technology, web, creative and marketing folk dedicated to making our clients ‘mobile-ready’. The world is speeding to a screen-agnostic experience for users in the consumer and B & B arenas. Google’s announcement this spring that it will no longer rank non-responsive websites on mobile devices is only the tip of the iceberg. As a baseline, all websites and web properties need to be responsive and adaptive to multiple mobile platforms. Beyond that, the user experience of branding, messaging and engagement is becoming more dominated by mobile...

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Mobile Focus: Back to the Future.

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Years ago your business card often told a quick story about you & your company. Contact information, logo and maybe a positioning/brand message (sometimes of the back). It was important… it went in wallets, a rolodex or briefcases. It was simple and direct. Perhaps we’d rub the card for suggestions of weight and quality of the card stock—wondering if that communicated something about the company, and you. Guess what? Now UX experts are calling mobile interface design ‘cards’ because it requires the same focus of messaging in a limited space....

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