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  • 14 May 2015

Mobile Focus: Back to the Future.

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Years ago your business card often told a quick story about you & your company. Contact information, logo and maybe a positioning/brand message (sometimes of the back). It was important… it went in wallets, a rolodex or briefcases.

It was simple and direct. Perhaps we’d rub the card for suggestions of weight and quality of the card stock—wondering if that communicated something about the company, and you.

Guess what? Now UX experts are calling mobile interface design ‘cards’ because it requires the same focus of messaging in a limited space. And the ease of the functionality might be the new ‘card quality’ providing users with a sense of confidence.

Why is this important to responsive web design? Because we’re now starting small and reverse engineering, and it impacts users experience and should inform your brand strategy. It all requires a tiered approach to what’s important to you & your users and in an accelerated world determines whether they will ‘stay with you’.

Subsequently, constraints of smaller mobile screens has driven web design to become more modular, divided up into concise functional parts able to be reordered on the fly, depending on browser, device or screen sizes. Do this well and you strengthen your brand, user experience and, ultimately, your market-position.

Is this part of a larger ‘less is more’ trend…sound bites, twitter feeds, less stuff, smaller homes, down sizing, smaller portions, and simpler experiences. Maybe, but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is smart, concise and compelling experiences across all screens—if that’s not driving your mobile strategy, maybe you should ordering more business cards.



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